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- who i am, what i do, what i look like, and how to hit my line.

stewart is a photographer based in LA.

what started as a passion for photography has developed into a zeal for marketing and branding. i love doing whatever it takes to build brands into companies, whether it be through photos, videos, web design, influencer marketing, or graphic design. i love getting shit done.

in the past year, i've spoken at photography and marketing conferences in 8 cities across the country, helped scale a community called build + bloom where i taught workshops, worked with big brands like urban outfitters & anthropologie, and burned through probably 6.8 million gallons of gas on long roadtrips in my 1993 new yorker. i've traveled to dope places, and shot for my favorite brands. i love this creative space that i'm apart of, and my new passion is finding ways to make it better.



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Afternight Talent Management
los angeles, ca
+1 714 599 1256


los angeles, ca
+1 956 212 4594