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Welcome to my coaching sessions, where you'll learn how to make a career as a freelancer / creative. Each session is geared towards the photographer / videographer aiming to work commercially, with brands that they love. Whether you're just starting photography or you came out of the womb with a camera, each session has a different skill level and is focussed towards whatever area you need the most help in. I'll go over the tools and work flows I've used throughout the past year, allowing me to travel and work with brands like Urban Outfitters and Aeropostale!


what you'll learn

  • how to find your niche client
  • how to build a pitch deck for a brand
  • how to find the right person to email for any brand
  • how to cold email a list of brands
  • how to create pricing tiers for your packages
  • how to find your niche client
  • how to travel and work with brands (and find hotels that will work with you)
  • how to close brand deals over the phone (let's build that confidence)
  • if you're still reading and aren't convinced, call me 956.212.4594 - I really don't know what else to tell you at this point.
  • with any session you'll receive a PDF with notes on everything we go over


P.s. if you can't afford this, but really need help: dm me or email me at stew@stewartclementz.com, my goal is to help creators not get a fat check :-)