PureMD Beauty

With the launch of a new collection as well as a physical location for their spa, I was asked by PureMD to help with photo and video content for web, social, and print use. I stepped in as creative director on this project, with the end result being a beautiful campaign video and a 50 foot billboard.

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The PureMD brand was born out of a medical spa in Wichita, KA, and has recently focussed on developing a product line for all ages. With becoming a direct-to-consumer brand, they felt that their marketing efforts should change and be focussed on creating visuals that not only represent the goal of their brand, but also the clean and sleek texture / look of their product. I decided to create a product video as a lander on their site that could act not only as a sweet, non-distracting, first look at the brand, but also as a stand alone campaign video to launch on socials. We used 4 models from different age demos to show that the product is for all ages, and focussed on the theme of being free of the anxiety that acne, wrinkles, and skin damage bring! Don’t Miss out on the billboard casestudy after just below…

Below is the final product.



The Billboard Project


After our video project, PureMD tasked me with designing / creating a billboard to advertise their latest addition to their med spa - The Emsculpt. A powerful machine used to chisel and sculpt six-pack abs (Brilliant piece of technology truly lol). PureMD was hoping to draw in a younger demographic with this machine, as opposed to their typical clients ranging from 36 - 60. After doing some research into other young and fresh beauty campaigns, I decided to focus less on the machine and more on an attainable goal or image for those looking at the billboard. I worked with a fit model to shoot a studio session revolving around contemporary poses and stretching. That, combined with our tasteful color palette and font choices, gave us an easy-on-the-eyes billboard to direct foot traffic into The Spa. In addition to the billboard, I used the starting design to create a print brochure / pamphlet and street prints.

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