I've put together a small portfolio for you, encompassing pitch decks that landed clients, proposals that closed brands, techniques that impacted tech platforms, and campaigns that grew companies. While this is not all my work, this is a small portion that I believe shows the value I bring to the table. 

Pitch Decks

Below is a button linking to a pitch deck I put together for a brand seeking to grow their online web presence. They sell through Urban Outfitters, as well as a few other retailers, but felt that their website wasn't getting enough traffic or sales. In an effort to boost their e-commerce, we pitched them an international campaign in Iceland, where we shot content for them and distributed posts. From there, we set up a page about the trip, featuring fresh content in Iceland with influencers wearing complete outfits from the brand. Consumers could come through the page and shop the "Iceland Look". The clothes we featured sold out in 2 days.


influencer campaigns

Below is a button that links to a 32 page proposal I put together for a company seeking to grow their social presence, website traffic, and e-commerce. I curated a detailed plan for an influencer program, in which over 50 influencers would be engaged, 100 posts would be made, and over 12 million impressions would be generated from unique users. This campaign would be kicked off with a trip to Mexico for 10 of the top performing influencers. 


Web development

over the past two years, I've grown extensively in web design, as well as UI / UX Development through Java and Java Script. Specializing in websites for brands, restaurants, and photographers, I've done some of my best work for syndicated news outlets like Influencer News.


Evaluating the success of influencer campaigns is crucial for this space, and I've learned to create easy to comprehend, adept marketing reports for brands and companies. Most of my experience with running analytics on campaigns is having to do with large scale influencer campaigns through social platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and twitter. 

download (1).png

The following pictures are numbers I ran on my most recent campaign for Scott River Lodge. With launching their latest program, a women's retreat called Bliss, I needed to target an audience that represented their demographic. I ran a search through our online analytics platform for influencers with an audience that was primarily female, 18-36, and located in the United States. Then, I narrowed my search down to two bloggers in Sacramento that had the audience we were looking to market to and reached out to them. From here, I organized their flights out to The Scott River Lodge, the content for their accounts, the posts and captions, and the overall strategy of how they were going to post.

download (2).png

By evaluating the influencer's audience beforehand, I was able to target a perfect demographic for my client, get a higher level of engagement, and drive over 50 new users to their registration page. 

platform onboarding + marketing

While working at VYRL, a tech start up based in Irvine, I had the opportunity over a 7 month sprint to build and execute an on-boarding flow for a platform called CuratedBy. The overarching goal was to create a platform where influencers could build their brand by hosting any links to social platforms or projects, finding new brands to collaborate with, and measure analytics on posts and partnerships in a more effective way. While working here, I helped run the back end of the platform using softwares such as Graph CMS, Graph QL, and helped shape the functionality and design of our personal CMS we built in the later stages of development. I worked closely with a team of 4 software engineers, as well as a designer to constantly make changes to aid in user adoption on the platform. 

Throughout the 7 months I spent working on CuratedBy, I regularly developed new investor reports on every bit of data possible from user adoption to what features were used most. This allowed my team and I to better tailor our influencer and brand on-boarding flow, as well as get rid of features that weren't being used. 


the vite amour campaign


I recently planned a trip to london and paris, but wanted to bring some of my favorite brands with me. With moving deeper into the industry, I've noticed that the content I shoot can't ever offer the ROI a brand wants if it stands alone: so I decided to create a campaign with a social push through influencers, an email campaign, and a full lander / collection design on their site. I found a team of influencers that had a large audience in LA, NYC, and London so we could justify a greater market for both European and American brands, then I scraped a list of brands and created an email pipeline of over 1,200 contacts. The biggest hurdle in making the Vite Amour Campaign happen was cold pitching these brands through email. I ended up making two different email pipelines to A/B test two versions of copy and pitch deck, one focussed heavily on social push and another on content for the brand. I ended up taking 5 brands with me to Europe, and did the full social push campaign for KOLLAR Clothing.

To see the pitch for the Vite Amour Campaign, click the button below.